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Auto accident with wrongful death. Ford Explorer pulling a U-Haul trailer. The U-Haul trailer's instability and defective braking system caused driver to lose control resulting in a roll-over. $1.4 Million settlement with U-Haul.

Auto/trucking accident. Montgomery Board of Education School bus driver hit head on by commercial dump truck resulting in multiple fracture and lacerations. $320,000.00 settlement policy limits.

Auto accident resulting in leg injuries requiring multuple surgeries, $100,000 policy limit plus $60,000 Underinsured payment. Total settlement $160,000.00.

Auto accident permanent knee injury requiring surgery,$112,000.00 settlement.

Motorcycle accident Howard v Yarborough $2,700 in specials jury verdict $50,000, Montgomery County.

Auto accident $17,000 in specials jury verdict $60,000, Lee County.

Motorcycle accident, Lockett v Autauga County Commission jury verdict $100,000 plus $10,000 loss of consortium.

Auto accident ruptured disc $80,000 settlement..

Auto accident resulting in displaced fracture of the Distal Plateau requiring multiple surguries, $225,000.00 settlement.

Auto accident broken leg $100,000.00 policy limits. 

NOTE: The above results are representative of some prior cases handled and are in no way to be taken as a guarantee as to any future case results.

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