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Business Litigation

Fraud, sale of EBT processing & equipment lease to numerous small businesses. Represented 25 small businesses in Alabama and negotiated a global settlement worth $1.15 Million.

Fraud Represented 10 small businesses in Alabama against Merchant Services Inc. Global settlement for $99,000.00.

Breach of contract Triumph Managenment Co. v ANI LLC  $97,000 settlement, Jefferson County.

Fraud Helen James v Credit CardSolutions $ 225,000 judgment. Montgomery County.

Fraud & Breach of contract. Jury verdict $300,000 Autauga County. The case involved the restoration of several vehicles by a local restoration shop. The suit charged that the restoration shop misrepresented the  cost and quality of work.Furthermore there was evidence that the shop charged plaintiffs for work that was not performed. Jury awarded $100,000 in compensatory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages. Going v Alabama Restoration

Commericial collection represented Hughes Pool recovered $35,000, and H&R Accounts $39,000,

Commericial litigation represented O'Dell Mining Co. v Handex, $84,000 settlement.

NOTE: The above cases are some representative cases and are not to be regarded as a guarantee as to any future case results.

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